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Do you know of any examples either made by nature or created by people that incorporate Solid Geometry shapes (such as squares, cubes, triangles, tetrahedrons, pyramids and prisms). Following are a few examples
Pencil Tower, Rotterdam, Netherlands
©1996 Antoon van Eykelen
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Climbing Rack, Long Beach, California, USA
©1997 Hope Wills
Long Beach, California USA

When you do please send us a photograph with a description. We might add it to our website and the next version of Solid Geometry™.

Roads Untaken

Sculpture by George W. Hart uses geometric forms.
"Roads Untaken", wood, 17" diameter.


(c) 1998 George W. Hart
Cube Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands
©1996 Antoon van Eykelen
Rotterdam, Netherlands

You will receive the program free if we do and keep all the rights to the photo.
Email us for additional information. Square Building, Long Beach, California, USA
©1997 Paul vanEykelen
Long Beach, California USA
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