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Gondal Online Adventure Game

AuctionSniper.com - Reliable eBay bidding software.
Reliable eBay bidding software.

My most popular images for sale at ShutterStock:

Stock Photos, Royalty Free Stock Photography, Photo Search

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Solving Algebra Linear Equation
We provide an automated calculator to aid you in solving linear equations and other algebra related problems. We provide a programmed downloadable source to aid you in solving algebra linear equations and other math related problems.
Contact: Marvin Barraquias (links@algebra-test.com)

AlgebraHelpCenter.com provides a tutoring resource for students in all levels of algebra including algebra 1, algebra 2, college algebra, abstact algebra, and all other algebra topics.
Contact: Michelle Fraser (mfraser@algebrahelpcenter.com)

Astro-logix - the evolutionary new construction toy
This simple, yet extremely versatile construction toy can be used to build 3D geometric stars, UFO's, skeletons, polyhedra & geodesic domes. Explore DNA helixes, tessellations, fractal stars, bridges. The list is endless!

Three puzzles with polyhedra and numbers
We present in this site a deltoidal icositetrahedron puzzle, a rhombicuboctahedron puzzle and a rhombic dodecahedron puzzle. It is allowed to print copies for non-commercial purposes.
Contact: Jorge Rezende (rezende@cii.fc.ul.pt)

Play a strong Renju/Go-Moku(five-in-a-row) game
Contact: Tongxiang Zhang

Bubble Bomb and Photo Hunt Game
Bubble bomb game and Photo Hunt game for adult and kids!
Contact: viersee (support@qkiz.com)

Learn and teach solid geometry with this Java software. It runs just as well on a PC (Windows, Linux) as a Sun computer. 60 sample problems with resolutions.
Contact: Stelian Dumitrascu (stelian@ottawa.com)

Math for Kids
Find great resources and articles on topics like algebra, geometry, math uses in daily life, fun & games, puzzles, history of math and much much more from your Guide to Math for Kids!
Contact: Nikki Katz (kidsmath.guide@about.com)

Maryann Sterling's Art
Clipart, Art, Desktop Pictures and Postcards
Contact: Maryann Sterling (Maryann@maryannsart.com)

Carla's Creations
Site has free online greeting cards, a humor section, html help pages, info about me and my family, banner exchange, holiday and seasonal pages and great links!!
Fractiles, Inc.
Fractiles-7 magnetic tiling toy for ages 6 to adult, facilitates an intuitive grasp of spatial relationships and invites deeper exploration.
email: fractiles@fractiles.com

An interactive application in solid geometry.
Solids can be revolved, made transparent or opaque, cut, joined back, drawn upon.
Contains 250 built-in problems. Free download.
Platform: DOS/Windows
Contact: Stelian Dumitrascu (dumitras@hilbert.math.uvt.ro)

Spatial intelligence home
This site was completed as part of my final year project at the University of Limerick Ireland.
It earned me a grade A1 !. It is basically a tutorial system for users to work through in order to develop their spatial intelligence - linked to mathematical and drawing intelligences .

Superliminal Software
Two, three and four dimensional graphics; educational software and more
Contact: Daniel Green (dgreen@superliminal.com)

Search Engines and Registration

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The Search Beat...The One-Stop Web Directory
A quick and easy-to-use web directory organized by THEME including Jobs, Family, Travel, Government, History, Colleges, Health, Business, News, Sports and Weather. A real time saver!

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